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www.unisa.ac.za/acceptoffer | unisa accept offer

If you are looking for acceptance to offer at unisa then you are certainly at the right place www.unisa.ac.za/acceptoffer , www.unisa.ac.za/accept to offer ,www.unisa.ac.za/accept , unisa accept offer ,how to accept unisa offer , unisa offer ,unisa accept offer 2018

How to accept offer at UNISA

The process for acceptance of offer at unisa is not cumbersome , you will need your student id to proceed with the process


I know some of you are wondering what the whole accept to offer at unisa is about , in simple terms when you apply for an admission at unisa you have to accept to offer the course you choose for the application to be completed. The benefits of accept to offer is summarized below:
  1. Accept to offer tool enables you to track your application
  2. Accept to offer tool give you the opportunity to appeal your application when declined , you can appeal only if you think you passed and should be admitted for that particular course
  3. Accept to offer tool finally make it possible to accept the offer (course) unisa is giving you

If you are ready with your unisa student ID please click here to be directed to accept to offer page

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