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Price check app south africa

price check app south africa
price check app south africa

Price check app the new craze in town which is very much understandable, how often have you bought an item at what you thought was a very good deal only to find out your neighbour bought it at a more lower price, ouch that really hurt and so everyone in south africa want to find the best product at the lowest price and that gave birth to price check apps and price check website. I have taken the task of explaining to my loyal visitors what price check apps and website really are and also list some of the best price check apps and websites in south africa.

What are price check apps and websites

Basically  price check apps or websites are price comparism engines. This means price check apps/websites compares products and prices from different vendors.

How do price check apps/websites work?

Price check apps and website work by comparing products from different stores, websites provide an API for web/app developers to use and so price check app utilizes these API from different from vendors such as take a lot and bid or buy then compares the price and select the cheapest of them to the user.

Does price check app/websites really work?

Most of the price check websites/ app out there really just list products from their affiliate partners, they dont compare the prices. Fortunately i have a list of the best price checking app/ website in south africa below


Saving money is always a good financial strategy and you should utilize the price check apps/ websites, some online stores or even offline stores over price their products to rip customers but price check apps will keep you away from theses greedy stores. Thanks for reading, if you have any question please leave it in the comment below and do well to share this post.

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