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old mutual tax calculator

Old mutual tax calculator is one of the most accurate tax calculating tools in south africa, with the tax calculator provided by the old mutual you can calculate your 2020 income tax and tax deductions with accuracy.

What is a tax calculator – south africa

For the sake of simplicity i will relate the definition of tax calculator to the south africa audience, in south africa a tax calculator is a tool for calculating your income tax and tax deductions. With a tax calculator you can find out how much exactly your take home salary is and also how much is been taken from your salary by SARS, this usually works by inputting your details such as your monthly salary which is then used to calculate your income tax and also tax deductions.

You will need the following to calculate your income tax and tax deductions

  1. monthly income
  2. retirement contributions
  3. and medical expense amounts in this calculator.

On the old mutual tax calculator page you will have to fill a form containing the  following details

  1. Current age
  2. monthly salary
  3. other income salary
  4. deduction against your salary

With the above details you can get the results for your monthly income tax, net income tax.


You can head over to old mutual tax calculator here, to calculate  your  income tax and tax deductions. Thanks for reading and please share this post.

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