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myuct email access login

UCT email is an email platform for uct student. This platform is provided by microsoft outlook and helps student access their emails for important updates. In this article you will be guided on how to access university of cape town south africa email portal for students.

What you need to access uct email

There are two basic things you will need when you want to access uct email and that is your uct email address and a password. If you dont have a uct email address yet follow the guide below.

How to get uct email address

Uct email address is given at the registration stage and looks like this This email is hosted on microsoft office 365 and you get a copy of office 365 from uct for the duration of your studies. The uct email portal can also be accessed online using a browser such as chrome.

How to login to uct email

Login into your uct email account is very simple, just follow the guide below

step 1

Open your preferred web browser such as chrome, mozilla and go to

Step 2

Sign in with your uct email and your password, your uct email looks like this

Step 3

Once your uct email and password is correct your mailbox opens.


Now you know how easy it is to setup your uct email account, you can try it now. Please share this article to help others login to uct email.

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