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hollywoodbets login forgot password

hollywoodbets login forgot password – You are here because you have forgotten your hollywoodbets password and you cant login to hollywoodbets but this post will guide you to reset your hollywoodbets password so you can login to hollywoodbets again.


Lets take some time to know more about hollywoodbets. Hollywoodbets as you know is a betting company in the sporting industry, it was first launched in 1986, back then it was not called hollywoodbets but winning form and only published racecards for south african racing. Today it still publish racecards and offer more sports betting. Hollywoodbets currently operates in four countries which are South africa, mozambique, ireland and the united kingdom.

Reset Hollywoodbets login

We understand how frustrating it can get when you dont seem to remember your passwords, luckily hollywoodbets has made it very easy to recover your password in the event  you forget it.

hollywoodbets login forgot password

You can reset your hollywoodbets password and through your email or by receiving a text message, follow the guide below to reset your hollywoodbets password.

steps to reset hollywoodbets password

  1. Go to hollywoodbets password reset page by clicking here
  2. Once on the page you have two options to reset your password, one is through your email and the other is by sms. Choose the one convenient to you.
  3. if you choose sms, you must make sure the number is attached to your hollywoodbets account. If it is attached to your account you will receive a text message on your phone to reset your password
  4. If you choose to reset by email you will also receive a link in your email to reset your password.


hollywoodbets login forgot password – so that is how to reset your hollywoodbets password. i hope this guide helped you to reset your hollywoodbets password. Thanks for reading and see you soon.