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Our internationally certified Alpha series instant water heaters will be more than the answer to just your electricity bill. These units are water saving and energy efficient.  This product has been tested since February 2010. Our customers have reported savings of 50% and more for electricity and 40% on water. You save electricity and you save water.

Across Oceans Trading alpha series hot water units are taking the international market by storm. With these devices you will never run out of hot water. Water is instantaneously heated by the internal heating elements. Water does not need to be stored and kept hot as with a geyser system. This results in instantaneous warm water, first time, every time. Power is consumed only when this device is in use.

The Alpha range instant water heaters are internationally available. These products are governed by the highest international safety and quality regulations. The product carries a NRCS Household Appliances Electronic Letter of Authority Certificate. The Alpha units can be connected to three outlet points. Typical examples are shower, washbasin and kitchen sink, it supplies instant hot water when the tap is opened.

The instant hot water unit has a copper tank which carries a 2 year guarantee against leaks. The two elements have a 2 year guarantee. The reason for two elements is a safety feature as the first element will trip when water temperature reaches 53 degrees. This is to prevent being burnt by water that is over-heated. There is a 1 year guarantee on all electronic parts.

Across Oceans Trading provides these units at the best prices available. Across Oceans Trading owns the sole import rights to these fantastic devices. The result is that we can offer the best possible prices. Across Oceans Trading offers individuals and companies a business opportunity. .

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